Poor Image Projects

[PIP] is a nomadic event platform for audiovisual art forms 

Akeelah Bertram

Return [Part 1]
To celebrate the opening of the new BLANK_ gallery at Leeds City College, PIP was invited to curate a special one night event. For this, Akeelah Bertram presented Return, a project which explores the idea of diaspora as a physical, mental and social state of separation. An interactive installation that aims to emotively connect audiences in different locations, parallel portals using audience gestures and audiovisual responses created a sense of presence across spaces.
Leeds City College
Quarry Hill Campus


Research and development installation and artist talk

Karanjit Panesar

Content Mask Container
As part of Yorkshire Sculpture International 2019, PIP held a special event at the Henry Moore Institute with the artist Karanjit Panesar. An experiment in the layering, addition and subtraction of video through chroma key production techniques, ‘Content Mask Container’ used live camera feeds, bodies, objects, and paint, to make a frame in which things are porous.
Henry Moore Institute, Leeds


Performative lecture and

Ashley Holmes,
R.I.P. Germain

Double 6
Unfolding as a one-night performance in the former courtroom of Leeds Town Hall, ‘Double 6’ took conjunctures of race, class and British popular culture to consider the wider political and social value of Black life under the microscope of public courts of opinion. ‘Double 6’ by Ashley Holmes and R.I.P. Germain was PIP’s third event as part of Index Festival 2019. 
Former Courtroom,
Leeds Town Hall


Audiovisual installation and

Anya Stewart-Maggs,
Joanne Armitage

Collision Grounds
A new collaboration in which the artists’ practices of Live Coding and filmmaking were brought together as an installation and live performance. Pairing electronic sounds and visual landscapes, their work experimented with the shifting patterns that occur across nature and digital technology. ‘Collision Grounds’ by Anya Stewart-Maggs and Joanne Armitage was PIP’s 2nd event as part of Index Festival 2019.
Assembly House, Leeds


Audiovisual installation and
Live Coding perfromance

Douglas Dixon-Barker,
Jamie Hudson,
Victor Svedberg

6 Billion Names of God
A new collaboration between the three artists which responded to Arthur C. Clarke's eponymous story as the starting point for an audiovisual installation. Across print and screen, automatic recordings explore the machine as an allegory for mass production and resourceful human curiosity. ‘6 Billion Names of God’ by Douglas Dixon-Barker, Jamie Hudson and Victor Svedberg was PIP’s 1st event as part of Index Festival 2019.
Yorkshire Hub, Leeds


Video loops shown on screen triptych, soundtrack, plexi-glass sculptures, stickers, publication